Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oppss! is it Father's Day already?

                   Father's Day has not been my favorite holiday ever. Maybe because I did not grow up with my dad or because when I met him it was a complete disappointment. Either way, Father's Day has been always a recall of bad bad bad memories (did I stress bad enough?) The best paternal figure I have is my uncle Max. HE IS THE MAX! always there for me anytime of the day. Still today he is there when I call Peru at four in the morning to talk about my problems. He was the best medicine for the forbidden Father's Day celebration at school where I even won a prize to give to my dad. Well, I kept the prize. I gave it to my uncle and I closed for ever the chapter of that sad holiday. Al least that is what I though until I got married and have children. Now, I am stock with  Father's Day holiday for ever. Now, it has to be my favorite holiday or maybe I should try to like it some how.

                So I decided to search in my heart for great Dads and I am very happy to say that I found more than one.

My husband Gorman because he always plays with his children, not matter what time a day or how sore he is for the 70 hours work at the restaurant. Because he holds baby Isaac over night when I freak out and I cannot take it anymore (most of the time). Because he reminds me that he can be my dad too.
My father in law Sunny because he loves his grand kids so much, he will do anything for them. Because he never ever make me feel uncomfortable and I really want to call him dad a lot of the times. Because he pushes Gorman in the right direction always, always.
My uncle Max because he always listen to me. Because he never wanted to replaced my father but became my own dad. Because I can sit next to him in silence and the time is eternal.
My grandpa Cirilo because he loves to listen to me playing guitar. Because he brought me a biscotti bar every day he came from his stand on the market. Because I miss him everyday wishing he meet my kids.

My heart goes to all the fathers that work too hard every day in their lives and never got the right compensation. To the Dads that wear torn jeans and last year swimming suit or make their own from any pair of shorts so their kids can have a nice one.  To the Dads that offer working overtime without pay, sacrificing time with their children so maybe, just maybe some day they can get a promotion. To the Dads who are looking for freedom, peace and equality in this world for their children. To all of them who make a better world for their kids... Salud, cheers and...
The boy at Mashall Park Beach, WI June 2012

Daddy's girl

Visiting the Splash Park, Middleton, WI summer 2012

Trying to sleep

Hike at the Leopold Nature Center, Monona

Admiring Dad

Isis with grandpa Sunny


Music lesson from Dad to Isis, Girdwood, AK

Napping with Isaac

Easter 2012, Grandpa teaching Isis to drive a bike



  1. Very cute pictures! Always remember that fathers day is now about celebrating Gorman being a wonderful father to your children rather than the bad memories you have of your father not being there. You can always turn something negative into something positive if you just look at it in a different perspective (at least that's how I get through the hard times in my life) Take care!

  2. It's truth. Now I have new good memories to remember Father's Day by. I am excited for the next one and I am glad today was a beautiful sunny day to enjoy instead of the T storm forecast predicted for the weather channel. Let's me know which other articles will be interesting to post in the blog please!


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