Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coming back from madness

Fish tacos at the new apartment

Celebrating Peruvian Independence Day

At Mc Donald's cooling off from another 100 F hot day
They say that writing is a therapy for depression, loneliness and stress and... it may be truth because the last ten days I have been disconnected from the world and it simply sucks!! My family and me moved to a new apartment on June 30th in the outskirts of MadCity. The packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, settling had take a great deal from us. Granted, moving is never fun, at least you have enough money to pay for a company to move you from point A to point B. Nerveless, we spent until the last penny we had paying movers and renting trailers to halt our stuff to the new apartment. Buying cleaning supplies so we can get our deposit back and spending more money in taxi, food and snacks waiting and waiting and waiting around for hours to get in the new place. Oh, surprise! we rented a two bedroom apartment for June 30th which supposed to be ready at noon but not, maybe 1.30pm., not at 3.30pm., not at 5.30pm., hummm! not at all until 6.30pm. At that point I was so ready to go to a hotel with Isis and Isaac. But, there is always a BUT... no more money, so we decided to stick around the new apartment in the beating sun of a 100 F... Fortunately, the new landlord let us in in the hallway and bought us water (that is the least he should do)
While Isis, Isaac and me were hanging out in the little park across the street, the previous tenants were still moving out. Boxes, bags, furniture, toys and even all kind of garage sales items were hult out of the apartment by a groups of Middle Easter dudes. In the other side of the street, our movers (the Mexicans) were waiting with three trailers each with a mountain of stuff to move in. It was a brief representation of the multicultural face of Madison. The couple moving out were absolutely stress, almost losing their minds. They are now getting divorce and I am wondering if moving maybe the most stressful activity for a  family.
We are passed those days though. Now we have cable, internet and even a house phone because when we "BUNDLE"  the cable company give it to us for "free" (you know what I mean) Some boxes and I really have to say SOME boxes are put away. There is still a great amount of laundry to do as usual and lots of toys laying around every corner. I guess if I would LOVE to have everything in some sort of containers but... like I say there is always a BUT, it will be too much. I just hoping the apartment will look like home at some point. My hopes are high and Gorman's too. He bought his FIRST HAMMER yesterday to put up some pictures and wall decor. THAT IS MAJOR! We never, almost never put pictures up because we believe we DID NOT find OUR PLACE TO LIVE FOR EVER. I wondering if we ever will find it????
Feels good though to go back to NORMALITY! walks to the park, watch Elmo in the morning, visit the Library, blogging a little, catch up with some bad TV shows and some good ones, have wine in the deck and put the kids to sleep with the Lullabalies in Pandora.  It has been a long and exhausting 12 days. I am ready for a break but (again BUT) there will be no one anytime soon.


  1. Mila- Thank you for the update on your blog!! As always I love reading your blog and I wish I had the talent to write publicly but I don't. I wish I could have seen you and your family during bluegill fest but I was very busy with work. I am starting a new job on Monday which will give me 3 day weekends each week....maybe Travis and I will have to pay a visit to you guys, now that we have a reliable vehicle! I would LOVE to help you organize your place and make it feel more like a home! I understand the stress of moving and how it takes so long to finally feel normal again.
    Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Thank you Lindsay your visit will be wonderful, we always love to have family and friends around.It's getting a little more organize around here but there is still lots to do. Good luck with the job!!!

  3. I love your blog. I didn't see a place to follow, so I've bookmarked your blog.


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