Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Summer Breeze

            Today it was definitely the first day of summer. Warm nice sunny evening with a calm cool breeze, no rain at all, no clouds, not even a funny looking ones. It is officially summer because we made our first barbecue of the year. The smell of a grill combined with the romantic perfume of lilacs in the front yard reminded me what I love about Wisconsin. It's NOT the cheese -sorry!- There are the wonderful sunny and cozy summers laying on the beach, swimming in the lake, sharing picnics at the park and inviting friends to grill by the pool. 

Lilacs, blue berry mojitos and a picnic table

           The summer graciousness rests on the infinitive possibilities of been together as a family. Just depend on "US" -the Family- to complete the task: grilled out by the front yard with Isis in the scooter, Isaac taking a nap in the snugli and Gorman preparing the grill: CHECK!. My husband grilled some chicken legs dipped in barbecue sauce and his many (really many) spices. He also got fancy preparing hand-made BLUE BERRY MOJITOS with a hint of mint, hand picked from the park next door. Desert? He was going to slice the watermelon but the kids were about to freak out so we rather arrange the bed time for the little "niños." It was a great family time, specially after months of struggling with marriage problems. It was a refreshing moment, full of happiness -because happiness is just a collections of moments that we get when life sucks, so we can crawl out of the dark spots of our existence. That is why I'LL TAKE THOSE MOMENTS, YES I WILL... and I will grab them so deeply in my soul so when I am in the darkest hole I can still say I AM SORRY, I LOVE YOU! over and over and over again.

Isis and her last Birthday present: THE SCOOTER


           Maybe this chronicle seemed superficial or naive to some followers. Non less maybe be even seemed over valued. But not for me who I thought I was going to died at the age of 30 years old as a war Journalist in some remote place in the world. On the contrary, I am almost 34 years old (there I confess my age, bua!), I am alive and I have an amazing family. It is truth that after the storm comes the peace. YES MOM, YOU WERE RIGHT!. I am sure you are really happy to hear this. Our marriage has not been a Honey Moon by any means, but Hey! everybody have marriage troubles.
         Yes, marriage troubles!?, there are not a happy moment by the pool or a sunny breeze day... THEY ARE HELL! but you know each of us as mothers, wives, sisters, sisters in law, mothers in law, cousins and girlfriends approach the issue in different ways. At last we survive and overcome the problems in the name of love or whatever you want to call it. The reality is that marriage is a compromise, yes! it is! damn it! I wish I knew it was not going to be like "Cinderella." Oh, well (like Isis will say when she spills juice in the floor) oh, well, let's keep trying.
          The evening ended in a peaceful note. Our stomachs were filled with grilled chicken and Mc&Cheese, our smiles were the biggest of the week and our energy was so run down that we did not feel our bodies. We start the summer with great positive energy! just to notice our lease is up in six weeks and we do not have a clue where we are going to move. Thanks for the little happy moments in life. 

We can just capture little happy moments in life



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